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You see, I grew up with my grandparents in Texas as my parents had to live in Mexico due to the lengthy immigration process. Yes, I cried myself to sleep many times wishing for the weekends when I could see them. Don’t get me wrong, I do in fact have amazing parents; this was just one of the many sacrifices for a better shot in life. Although this helped tremendously in learning how to be independent from an early age, it was difficult to spend time exploring hobbies to figure out what my little self enjoyed doing in life.


Through the routine of life, there was always a sense of traditional growth – study, graduate, go to college for a stable degree, study, graduate, get a job, marry, family, etc. Not too bad of a stable plan. However, I always had a nagging itch to go about things differently.

Fast forward to married life, there was a moment where I finally wanted to make up for my “creative time” and somewhat hit an existential joke. I tried sowing, making headbands, attempted to play drums, and thrifting. All to figure out what I liked doing outside of the linear path of life. Then, I tried baking a cookie recipe. The process to a recipe, the level of precision, the different creative approaches, the intricacy of every mixed ingredient – all gave me this thrill along with a sense of peace. Was this a so called hobby?


Our specialty shortbread cookies are sweet and simple but yet with so many variations. Our hope is to create a delightful moment where you can take a minute for yourself to enjoy the cookies, have a cup of fresh herbal tea or coffee, and relax...maybe set goals about the things that you can do outside of a routine 🧡

Our vibe is an homage to my grandparents who took care of me as I was growing up and, in particular, my grandfather Raul who, not knowingly, put me at ease with his 60’s music while I had tough days. Gracias.

Kris, Owner


At Butter Mango, we know how easy it can be to follow the standard routines of life. Our mission is to create a delightful moment for those inspired to step away from the routine.

Baking it short and sweet. Making it meaningful.


Our abuelos are the inspiration for our values.

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